Monday, January 5, 2009

Pros/cons of living in Alaska

Recently returning from southern Washington I've found many people wonder how or why people stay up here. I'm going to run down some of the pros and cons of life in the 49Th state.


No matter where you live in the state there are periods when it is cold out this is a given.

There's only two seasons Winter, Winter, Winter, and Construction (or insert favorite hobby).

Short growing season about 100 days +/- 10 days. seems something always come along to ruin my garden frost, moose, rain, me unfortunately.

Lack of the female counter part, almost anyone that has lived here (Fairbanks) can confirm this seems like there are 5 boys for every lady. OH and this only mattered to me before I got married I always joke and say "I imported my wife" she's from California but does well in here.

Property tax a little higher than other states but housing is cheaper

Not the best doctors this mainly goes for ones that specialize in a field.

Mosquitoes to spare depending where you live in the state they are a fact of life.


No sales tax (Fairbanks) that should be a bonus anywhere.

No state income tax

Alaska PFD(permanent fund dividend) If you live in the state longer than two years and claim residency you are eligible for a PFD(there are some other stipulations to this) once a year in the fall. This year it was just around $3,300.00 per person (yes this means for 2008 our family of 5 got $17,500.00 just for living here)

No fees to use your debit cart at any place, I've found allot of places on the west coast (that's lower 48) charge a fee to use your card and don't take credit cards. There are still fees at many atm's but that's normal.

Easy access to fire wood this goes well for the winter con above.

Great fishing this applies to almost any creek or river and the regulations are much more favorable than other states I've fished in. Very few catch and release only species and higher catch limits.

Great outdoors need I say more, allot of people I talk to(down in the states) can't seem to grasp that there is just allot of wilderness here and that's it.

Not crowded, This is the original reason my father moved here in 1969 he grew up on the east coast and wanted more elbow room. The stats motto is The Last Frontier for no good reason.

No trash fee, There are local dump sits with large bins to toss your trash into. That's all trash fridges, old boilers. People do throw out old cars sometimes in the extra large metal bins don't ask me how many guys it takes to lift a car body up 6 feet I have yet to witness this also your not supposed to throw cars out the landfill will take one a year for free.

Good schools with regular buss service.

Gold and many places to find it need I say more.

Affordable land and larger parcels of it.

Privacy not having a neighbor 100 feet from my home I would say is good.

Plenty of the great outdoors for the kids during the summer.

I'm not trying to post that Alaska is the best most of you will agree the cold is bad enough just sharing why I love life here.
Life, no matter where you live it's usually preferred by those that reside there I'm sure most of you love where you live if not you wouldn't live there.


  1. Thanks for posting this! :)
    Me and my fiance are thinking about moving to Alaska (we live in TN/AL) and I didnt really know much about it except for its population is like 600,000, its the largest and coldest state, and that it was mainly wilderness (and i learned all that in my geography course). Anyway, y'all might be getting an addition of 2 Alaskans sometime soon, so thanks for taking the time to post information! :)

  2. i like it:)...seems like cons are prons for me:)i am from north Europe...I love i am living in PA...
    100=/- growing season is not bad...tomatoes and cucumbers will grow and they are deer resistant!!!
    My husband will not push me to gardening(i like it in very moderate) if he try...i can always tell him about divorce...other 5 gays will be happy to merry me plus i will bring to new marriage two girls!!!I am a natural medicine practicioner...i thing if docs are bad...i can make extra money!!!Mosquitoes ?just eat more vitamins B...I think Alaska will work for me...But what about jobs?can somebody share tips?Thanks!

  3. they have medical marijuana

  4. Como se dice PWND homes?

  5. i have wanted to move to alaska for yrs and have been trying to find a job i live in the south(Ga) and every site wants money or dont want to talk to some one so far away but cant afford to just move can anyone direct me as far as what to do plz iam 12plus yr eletrician and built my whole life assc degree in plc programming and industril maintenence plz e mail

  6. Ugh, I was hoping there would be more cons, cause my boyfriend wants us to grow up, get married, and move there, but I really really don't to... :/

  7. What when it is daylight for the entire day or when its dark for majority of the day?

  8. I'm looking for a place to move my daughter and I and so far alaska seems the best. I'm from a very hot and humid place and want out of it. Also would love a place with no annoying neighbors. Love the wilderness too. Mosquitos don't bother me much. Though they attack the heck out of my little far i think alaska us the best state I've looked into oh and 5 guys to 1 gal sounds better than the 3 player wanna be douche bags to every remale here...
    I hate tx..this place sucks...
    Do not move to corpus for the sake of your intellect..

    1. Hey what do you know, another person living in Corpus...your assessment couldn't be more accurate.

  9. Once you pluck your navel the sound will echo and reverberate off the mountains for 60 seconds or longer.......get to raking and plucking fellow Alaskans.